Summer at INSPIRIA science center!

Make plans for a superb day at INSPIRIA science center – where smiles and wonder are included in the entrance ticket. Fun for the whole family!

Opening hours

What is happening?

Visit the science center in Sarpsborg if you want something fun to do with the whole family! Activities and experiences inside and outside, and a new summer program that offers a lot extra. Tickets can be pre-ordered or bought at the door.

There is a charging park for electric cars/rechargeable cars outside, as well as paid parking with the EasyPark app.


Program inside

Kl. 11.00–17.00 Learn coding in the coding room, 2nd floor
Kl. 12.00–12.20 Planetary trip "Deep dive into the universe", 2nd floor
Kl. 12.30–12.50 Science show, Da Vinci hall 1st floor
Kl. 13.00–13.20 Planetary trip "Deep dive into the universe", 2nd floor
Kl. 14.00–15.00 GyroXtreme - Astronaut Simulator, 2nd Floor
Kl. 15.00–15.20 Science show, Da Vinci hall 1st floor
Kl. 15.30–15.50 Planetary trip "Deep dive into the universe", 2nd floor
Kl. 16.30–16.50 Planetary trip "Deep dive into the universe", 2nd floor
Kl. 11.00–17.00 Programming on your own, 1st floor
Kl. 11.00–17.00 Creative workshops, 1st floor

Program in the outdoor park

Kl. 11.00–17.00 Loan and hire of bicycles or electric bicycles for use in the area
Kl. 11.00–17.00 Bungee-trampoline
Kl. 12.00–16.00 INSPIRIA traffic school


Shows at the centre

The planetary trip "Deep dive into the universe"
We take you on a spectacular planetarium journey in space! An activity host tells about planets, stars, the solar system, the starry sky, galaxies and much, much more, while you sit down in the cinema chair and look up. The planetarium trip is best suited for those over the age of 5. Duration approx. 15–20 min.

Science show
Join us on a journey into the depths where experimentation and learning go hand in hand, and get to know the mysterious monsters that live there. We will travel from the surface of the sea to the dark and unknown ocean depths. The show is best suited for those over the age of 3.

Learn coding and create magic with sound

Robotlab - learn coding and programming
Here you can learn about coding using the coding program MakeCode Arcade.
Can you make a robot car drive the way you want it to?
Can you make your name light up on the screen of a microbit?
Join us and learn about coding in a fun way.

Lydlab - create magic with sound
Join us and create magic between sound and images when you get the opportunity to program music for film clips in the coding room. Using the music tool Soundtrap, you can create compositions to soundtrack a film clip. With almost free rein for the tools, you can work creatively and program music. Lydlab is suitable for children and young people who like music and who are curious about making music digitally. Adults also enjoy Lydlab! Lydlab is sponsored by Equinor - Tomorrow's heroes.

Learn programming on your own at 11.00–17.00
In1st floor behind the Logia-shop, visitors can learn simple coding and programming in a program called MakeCode. Here you can create your own music and computer games with self-instructing tutorials we have created.

You can try this in our code room:

  • Programming a game in the MakeCode Arcade programming environment, loading the game onto a small, handheld game console, and playing your own home-made computer game on something resembling an old-fashioned GameBoy
  • Programming music on a BBC:Microbit in MakecCode for Micro:Bit
  • Programming a color LCD with light patterns using a BBC Micro:Bit and MakeCode for Micro:Bit

The room is self-instructional, but starting instructions are posted on the wall at each station. The activities are best suited for the age group 10 years and above, or younger children together with an adult.

GyroXtreme - only at 14.00–15.00

Want to become an astronaut? GyroXtreme is an astronaut simulator that will simulate your journey up into the stratosphere (or perhaps rather back down from the thermosphere?). GyroXtreme reflects the astronaut training on the first Apollo programs and where guests get to experience the violent g-forces that can take place in a rocket launch, while at the same time they are given a coordination task in the form of child's play which immediately becomes more difficult when the world is turned in all directions and at high speed. Height requirement 140 cm.

Selfie studio

Deep diving - experience an underwater world

Explore the sea's secrets and beautiful treasures in our new exhibition Deep Diving. Here you can dive into this exciting world and learn more about what makes the ocean so important to us humans, what we use it for and what threatens it.

Take the family with you and join an exciting journey through the depths of the sea. Experience the beautiful diversity of wildlife, learn about the challenges that threaten the ocean and what we can do to preserve this important ecosystem.

At INSPIRIA you can make fish and watch them swim around in a large digital aquarium, walk through a vortex tunnel, visit the centre's creative activity workshops and experience our new show "Monsters in the Deep" with experiments - and of course there will be opportunities to build LEGO .

Activities outside

  • Bungee Trampoline (weather permitting due to safety)
  • Loan and hire of bicycles or electric bicycles for use in the area. We have bicycles with and without support wheels, and our own trail suitable for children who want to learn to ride a bicycle.
  • Cycle on the Pump Track
  • Try our 500-metre-long test track at the back of the building, facing the E6, where there is room to pedal a bit.
  • INSPIRIA Traffic school with electric Tesla cars (weather permitting)

Information on lending and renting equipment in the outdoor park can be found here. If you want to visit the outdoor park, without having a ticket to the centre, you can still hire bicycles, scooters and other equipment. The price list can be found here.

INSPIRIA Traffic school

This summer, INSPIRIA Traffic School is back! Here, children and young people can learn the traffic rules in a fun and safe way and drive electric Tesla cars. The children get to drive their own mini Tesla car in proper city traffic while learning traffic rules and how to behave in traffic.

Each driving lesson and some theory will last approx. 35 minutes. The traffic school will be open every day from 12:00-16:00, with a new pool starting every full hour. There is a limited number of places. Please book an appointment in advance of your visit to the science center to secure your place!

Note: Weather conditions. Tesla cars cannot drive in rainy weather or when there are large puddles on the road.

Borrow a bike or try an electric bike

Our bike park has a rough Pump Track, and several nice trails suitable for children who are learning to ride a bike. Some of the bikes for loan even have support wheels. At INSPIRIA there is a 500-metre long test track at the back of the building, facing E6, where there is room to pedal a bit. Loan of bicycles is included in the entrance fee.

Bungee trampoline

The highlight of the summer outdoors at INSPIRIA is that the very popular Bungee Trampoline is finally back! Here you can take trampoline jumping to new heights, securely fastened to a skipping rope. In case of heavy traffic, jumping time will be limited to 5 minutes per person and a maximum of ten people per person. hour. ATTENTION: Weather conditions due to security considerations.

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